Stanford School of Earth Sciences

Oceanic Fluid Dynamics :: Lab
Lab 1: Solid body rotation: geopotential surfaces, inertial oscillations, and the Foucault pendulum.
    Pendulum video (39 mb)
    Table rotation rate: 26.2 RPM
    Length of the pendulum: 125 cm.
    (Video codec MPEG-4 required; try downloading VLC media player)
    (If you'd like to try converting between video formats, check out FFmpeg)

Lab 2: Cylinder collapse experiment: thermal wind balance, geostrophic adjustment, vortex stretching/squashing.
    Cylinder collapse video (47 mb)

Lab 3: Taylor columns, vortex propagation on a topographic beta plane.

Lab 4: Baroclinic instability in the rotating annulus experiment.

Lab 5: Ekman layers and the spin-down of a vortex.